Lootah Group

Bitumen Profile

 Founded in 1985 and considered as one of the first companies ever established in the UAE that manufactures and supplies Bitumen products to the specialized roadwork and construction related companies both locally and internationally. The self contained plant at the industrial Area of the emirates of Ajman produces bitumen products in various forms for a variety of uses.

They are modifications of bitumen as such, water based or solvent based bitumen. Their use extend to preparation of roads, construction applications, for roofs and sub terrain applications, for water proofing, damp proof courses, laminations, as sealing compounds, tank coatings. Their use is extended for under ground piping, anticorrosive and protective applications.


The products manufactured are traceable to various British and American standards.  Our division is proudly associated and a member of the (AEMA). Our clientage extends far and wide, both international and within the country. By exporting large quantity of the products to Asia and African Countries the division has acquired immense international fame.

Lootah Bitumen and road works is no exception from the rest of the group companies for its concern and commitment to excellent quality in its products and services. In fact, this had been the major concern from its inception and the attitude to strive for quality and its capability to provide for all the needs such as equipment, raw material and finished products etc., to the construction and allied industry has made its product very popular.

The Traditional Emirati Company, formed in 1985, is focused on complete customer satisfaction. Its growth has been rapid and today the company is one of the best of its kind trusted in the entire Region.

Lootah Bitumen is the original Emirati Company, to produce bituminous products locally. Owing to its commitment to supply state of art quality products, it attained an excellent reputation in the construction industry within a few years and we are proud to say that we enjoy the preferred supplier status amongst our long clientage. The millions who drive along the Expressways and roads would be unaware of the role Lootah Bitumen played in the construction activities in the UAE.

We at  Lootah bitumen uses the technical expertise and marketing knowledge that is collectively available within the group, which helps to establish the same as a professional competitor to the other international suppliers.

It provides the most cost effective solutions and innovative solutions for any road or construction, pavement needs and other related works, backed by a team of professionals with wide international expertise. Lootah Bitumen’s core product range is geared to meet specialist needs of highway and airfield maintenance Sector, providing cost effective solutions with minimal disruption to operations.

Quality is given the highest priority, from design stage onwards and until it is satisfactorily used up by its valued customers. Our Technical backup is comprehensive, reliable and have the highest caliber. Lootah Bitumen products are unassuming, but play a vital part in society. When applied, they are literally built-in protection systems, safeguarding huge capital investment in buildings and roads. This ultimately maintains the quality of life of whole communities.

With the company’s ethos of quality and customer care, Lootah Bitumen is ideally placed to meet all present and future needs of the international construction industry.