Lootah Group

Carpentry Profile

 Established in the year 1972 as a support unit, Lootah Furniture has developed into a full-fledged Interior Decorating unit undertaking jobs on a Turnkey basis.  Lootah Furniture produces some of the finest wooden furniture from the premises in the Ajman Industrial Area, which today adorns the palace of Sheikh’s luxury villas, hotels and showrooms in the Emirates.

The factory is equipped to undertake large-scale production of doors of various types and finishes that confirming to international standards including the rated doors, which have been tested to B.S. Standards.


The Kitchens and wardrobes are inviting and practical.  A charming design of stimulating simplicity.  The edges of these units lipped in wood laminates and post-formed to soft curve, aesthetically to suit the needs of the project.  With its rich experience in handling and procurement of materials, Lootah Furniture assures the use of finest quality material.

The durability of product is doubly assured by our selected team of professionally qualified Engineers, Craftsmen and designer equipped with latest machine tools, who oversee the entire designing and production work to the minute detail.


Lootah Furniture & Wood Works Ind. major asset lies in its dedicated staff and workers who have the capability of handling all types of finishes including, lacquer polyurethane and polyester in its latest finishing line under strict quality control and inspection.The Management of Lootah Furniture holds in high regard the safety, welfare and health of its employees.

We firmly believe that every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions.  All possible efforts will be made in the interest of accident prevention in all our work sites, workshops and projects.  We do realize that it is a good business practice to guard against accidents and occupational diseases.

Preventing accidents will reduce the associated costs and increase the morale of the employees, which is an intangible benefit to the organization.Lootah Furniture specializes in custom-made work to suit client specification.

Accordingly, the finish on the furniture could vary from lacquer polish to spray painted Polyurethane, Polyester and Acid Curing with or without stain.The prestigious projects completed by Lootah Furniture includes furniture for palaces, homes and buildings, showrooms and government schools