Lootah Group

Cementation Profile

 Lootah Cementation is a well recognized manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals & spray plaster. The company manufactures a broad range of spray plasters and other associated products for a market spread throughout the GCC countries.

At Lootah Cementation, we have at our disposal the services of a seasoned team who have worked in the same field in the Middle East for many years.

Products Range

Lootah Cementation offering wide range of products of Cement, Cement Lime Plaster, Gypsum Lime Plaster, Decorative Plaster, Tile Adhesives & Grouts.

Cement Lime Plaster

  •     LCBRC – Bonding Rush Coat
  •     LCBRC-LGT – Bonding Rush Coat
  •     LCSCR – Sand Cement Render
  •     LCCPR-200 – Cement Plaster/Render
  •     LCCPR-200-LGT – Cement Plaster/Render

Gypsum Lime Plaster

  •     LCGLP-100 – Gypsum Lime Plaster
  •     LCGLVP-100 Gypsum Lime Veneer Plaster
  •     LCGLP-100 A – Gypsum Lime Plaster

Decorative Plaster

  •     LCRE – SP 100
  •     LCTF– SP 200
  •     LCFTF– SP300
  •     LCFTF– SP 400
  •     LCSP– Tyrolean
  •     LCSF– Glitterlite
  •     LCDP – Scratch Coat
  •     LCDP – Traditional Plaster

Tile Adhesives & Grouts

  •     LCUTA – Tile Adhesive
  •     LCTA - Tile Adhesive
  •     LCTJG – Tile Joint Grout