Lootah Group

Quality Control

As a Quality conscious organisation, National Steel Company, Ajman providing products like cut and bends steel reinforcement and welded wire mesh manufacturing, shall strive to achieve a reputation in the market through quality, supply, timely and prompt delivery of products and services, so as to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and sustainable development

To provide our external and internal customers the highest level of confidence and
satisfaction this requires, we will be:

Complying with all national/ international standards, codes and regulatory

Optimising resources and reducing wastage.

Develop all requirements for our facilities and ensure that the training needs of the organization are recognized, planned, and fulfilled.

Ensuring cost effective Jobs, services and delivering it on time.

Establishing effective communication channels and processes to ensure that the
expectations and concerns of our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders are

identified and addressed

Monitoring and measuring our activities.

Implement processes and measures to identify the performance, regulatory, and
customer requirements and assure they are attained. Make sure the services and

materials from suppliers are consistent & sufficient in quality & quantity.

Strive for continual improvement in performance, underpinned by the necessary financial
resources & highlight objectives & progress through internal & external communications.

By implementing the above policies, we endorse our commitment to carry out our
business in the most professional manner and establish those processes necessary to
maintain an amiable and quality workplace.


We National Steel Company, as a dedicated team shall assume full responsibility and

accountability towards successful implementation of quality policy and objectives.