Lootah Group

Quality Policy

1. Color Comparison

To insure the color matching with the reference samples.

2. Gloss Test

According to ISO 2813 (using incident light 60 degree), then compare the results with the required values.

3. Film Thickness

According to ISO 2360, this test is done by using film thickness gauge to insure the film thickness in a range of ( 60 : 90 microns )

4. Adhesion Test

According to ISO 2409, by using cross hatching cutter with 2mm blades gaps to insure the adhesion between powder.

5. Pencil Hardness Test

According to ISO 15184, by using pencils with various hardness values to insure scratching resistance.

6. Impact Test

According to ISO 6272 by using impact tester to insure the coating resistance for impact action without failure.

7. Bending Test

According to ISO 6860, by using conical menderal to insure the flexibility of the coating when bending action happend.

8. Polymerization Test

By using solvents to insure the curing process for the coating film.

9. Resistance to humidity

To insure the humidity resistance for the coating by using a special cabinet for 1000 hours test period.

10. Salt Spray Test

By using salt spray cabinet for 1000 hours test period to insure salt media resistance for the coating.

11. Resistance To Boiling Water