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Welded Wire Mesh

 The plant is equipped with the latest machinery to enable to produce high quality products. National Steel Mesh also carries out stringent quality checks throughout its manufacturing process to ensure that only the best products are supplied to the customers. The Welded wire mesh is a reinforcement mesh made up of shear-proof joints produced by electric resistance spot welding.

Brittle concrete is transformed by the reinforcing mesh into a composite material capable of absorbing tensile forces. Reinforcing mesh shortens on-site laying times and permits large savings in payroll costs. The amount of iron joining work necessary on building and civil engineering projects can be reduced to considerable degree by the rigorous use of reinforcing mesh


The Steel rods used for the manufacture of welded mesh fully comply with required physical and chemical properties which assure, after a proper process, the final consistency of all technological qualities required by the various International Standards.

British Standards

BS4483 steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete tests include:

0.2 % proof stress       Minimum 485N/mm2

Ultimate Stress              1) Normally 10% above proof stress
                                          2) Can be between 55 and 10 % under certain conditions.

This requires the steel to have:

  1. A yield point - 50 kg/mm2 (500N/mms)
  2. Tensile strength of - 55kgs/mm2 (550Nmm2)
  3. An Elongation of - > 12%
  4. A Specified ribbing pattern


Our flexible production capability enables us to manufacturer engineered sheets to required specific requirements. Our manufacturing parameters are as under.

  •     Maximum sheet length: 13.00 meters
  •     Maximum sheet width:  3.10 meters
  •     Maximum long wire diameter:  12.00 mm
  •     Maximum cross wire diameters:  12.00 mm
  •     Long wire spacing:  Multiples of 50mm - min 100 max. 250 mm
  •     Cross wire spacing: Multiples of 50mm - min 100mm Max 250mm


Our finish product is tested regularly by our competent technicians.

Practical Advantage of Weld Mesh:

Greater ability to work to achieve increased output with exact steel areas and spacing. Simplified drawings with easy checking without errors.

For Site Supervisors:

Simple design enables the placement and checking of steel.
Avoid wastage and scrap.

For Contractors:

Faster work and finish the task within deadline.
Avoid steel scrap.
Easy to read drawings and cross checking.
Achieve greater accuracy with less manpower.