Lootah Group

Quality Control

The group is backed by team of professionals, implementing extensive quality control systems.

Fully equipped laboratory for testing of base bitumen, bitumen emulsions, water proofing and cutback bitumen products with a Pilot Plant in-house Quality Control requirements, as well as specific Quality Plans.

Our resources in the form of our Technologically Advanced Manufacturing Plants and our R & D Center.

All our processes are designed based on our internal standards of strict adherence to delivering the Highest Quality Products and Services.

Quality testing by Third party, during receiving shipment in order to assure clients that correct material is received from them.

It covers a wide range of international specifications such as:

ASTM and AASHTO for the following products,

  1. Penetration grades bitumen
  2. Bitumen Emulsions:
  3. Cutback Bitumen:   
  4. Water proofing products:
  5. Rubberized Bitumen emulsions,
  6.  Black bitumen paint,
  7. Bitumen Primer D-41.
  8. Cold Ready mix (Instant road repair),
  9. Oxidized Bitumen: Bitumen