Lootah Group

Technology Services

This section describes the dedicated business plan & current focuses, which are incorporated within LOOTECH


This division deals with the emerging field of Networking and Communication, where New Generation Network is dependent on the topology of shared resources to achieve various valuable cost effective products.

  • Cabling Infrastructure (Fiber, CAT XX, ..etc)

  • Active Networks (Switches, Routers, ..etc)

  • Security Solutions (IDS, Firewalls, ..etc.)

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and WPNETs

  • Wireless Networks Based on Multiplatform

  • IP Telephony and NGN (New Generation Network Solutions)

  • Testing and Evaluation of Networking Infrastructure & Benchmarking

  • Application Platform Evaluation and Servers systems design & Integration


  •  Information Security

  •  Physical Security

  •  Personal Security

Automation & Control Systems

In terms of Automation & Control Systems provides concentrates Home/Office Automation, Building Automation (BMS) and Industrial Automation. These services are aimed for ultimately enhancing the lifestyle and the businesses of our valuable customers.

Generally, the various types of Automation are realized by the installation of modules, or electronic devices that control their operation. These devices receive their commands from one or more controllers which store the various programs entered by the user (directly or via computer software)

Building Management System (BMS) allows a building owner/manager to better handle his resources by providing optimal building performance, improving energy cost control and monitoring capabilities.

With today’s data communication technology and sophisticated yet friendly software, an intelligent building can be managed and monitored centrally through a computerized building management system.

 We integrates diverse building systems such as

  • HVAC equipments (Chillers, Generators….etc)

  • Lighting (Internal & External)

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Elevators

  • Access Check up

  • Cable TV and other Electrical Appliances

Industrial Automation gives you the power to increase your asset utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), by enhancing the process control to maximize production capabilities, and significantly

Improves your Bottom Line by reducing downtimes, and helping you to identify under-performance production areas. Various filed of Automatic Control is achievable nowadays, where Intelligent Human Interface takes place, with Topologies of Modern Control Systems, which consists of: Open Loop Control, Closed Loop Control and Feedback Control.
 We offer Monitor & Control solutions for

  • Power Plants

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Production Lines

  • Chemical Industries

  • Remote Equipments

Special Projects & Services

This division deals with the maintenance, repair and calibration of specialized and sophisticated equipment, used in the field of Electrical, Telecommunication & Instrumentation.

Consulting & Maintenance Services

Technology & Products Consulting

Evaluating the benefits of various desktop and networking products, examining how they will impact your existing infrastructure. One of our consultants recommends appropriate products or technologies and proposes a preliminary project plan highlighting next steps, such as detailed analysis or design specifications.

  •  IT Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  •  Network Architecture.
  •  Internetworking
  •  Networking & Structured Cabling
  •  Network Review
  •  Network Design
  •  Installation

Security Services

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Vulnerability Management
  • Implement security technologies.