Lootah Group

Use of Emirates Foam


Emirates Foam specializes in manufacturing and supplying of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) shape moulded products like Thermal Inserts, Floor Slabs, Wall Partition Boards, Insulation Boards, Fish Boxes, Vegetable Boxes & ICF Panels according to the highest International standards under tough quality control measures. Based on extensive market researches, it has been established these products best suited in U.A.E. and regionally in the field of                   construction with our own design and commercial applications.


The most effective way of saving energy is to improve the Thermal Insulation of buildings. This is definitely important in warmer climates where the demand for air conditioning is very high. In addition to saving energy, Thermal Insulation lowers the cost of A/C investment, improves comfort levels and increases building life. It is one of those ubiquitous techniques that are always around, working silently and efficiently, enclosed within a structure, a casing or under cladding. We rarely see it. We only experience its many benefits.

•     To comply with mandatory legislation i.e. Building Regulations or Standards,

•    To reduce Heat Loss/Heat gain

•     To reduce running costs

•    To control process temperatures

•    To control surface temperatures

•    To provide condensation control

•    To reduce cooling plant capacity.