Lootah Group

How We Work

What sets Lootah Building & Construction (LBC) apart in the industry is our commitment to delivering ongoing value to all of our stakeholders - clients, their designers and consultants, subcontractors, our employees and shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. We are part of the fabric of such communities and understand that we are building dreams, businesses, careers, nations and identities, futures and hopes - not simply delivering buildings and infrastructure solutions.

LBC was engaged following a rigorous pre-qualification process which clearly established LBC as the most suitable and best qualified contractor to undertake the work. Areas of particular strength, identified in the evaluation process and subsequently confirmed through our direct experience, are as follows:

  • The competence and experience of their management team at all levels of the organization.
  • The proven ability to organize, plan, programmed and resource large projects.
  • The strong and long standing relationships LBC enjoys with consultants, key sub-contractors and suppliers that benefit clients in both the design and construction phases.
  • The ability to build quickly and cost effectively whilst maintaining quality and safety standards.
  • The financial strength of the organization which enables them to maintain their commitments.
  • The constructive and non-confrontational approach taken in all negotiations and the personal commitment made by key members of the management team to the success of the project.