Lootah Group

Lootah Fiber Glass

Lootah Fibre Glass Company is a fast-rising part of the Lootah Group. Leaders in the field of fiberglass (GRP, FRP) production, we deal with almost all kinds of moulds and products. Lootah Fibre Glass boasts of comprehensive knowledge in all kind of composites and fibers and has innovated many new methods of production.

Lootah Fibre Glass manufactures virtually any piece of fiberglass using a wide range of composites and resins (epoxies, polyesters, venal esters) together with fabric, Kevlar, carbon and a complete array of applications which include vacuum, pressing, spring, rolling and a lot more.

Designing, manufacturing and producing a wide range of R/C models (airplanes) that are made of advanced Hi-Tec. Materials used are carbon, Kevlar, and fabrics. Giant models (wing span 4m)(240 cc, 30 hp) with araldite resin. Turbo jet models with engine thrust of 8 kg -12 kg are being produced.