Lootah Group

National Steel Overview

National Steel Company is equipped with the latest modern technology and we are able to offer high quality Cut & bend reinforcement steel & Welded Wire Mesh products to meet our customers' total requirements. We are capable of manufacturing entire line of reinforcement steel products according to the international standards.

The Welded Wire Mesh

The Welded Wire Mesh plant is equipped with the latest machinery to enable to produce high quality products. National Steel Mesh also carries out stringent quality checks throughout its manufacturing process to ensure that only the best products are supplied to the customers.

Cut & Bend Reinforcement

raditionally steel reinforcements are fabricated in the construction site, very haphazard way by using manually operated machine. These kinds of operations are not suitable for fast track jobs and generate huge amount of wastages and also consumption of time and labour.

New modern machinery of advanced technology for cutting and bending of steel, the high capacity and automation results in shorter delivery times and higher accuracy in dimensions. Highly qualified and experienced engineers preparing Bar Bending Schedules and Shop Drawings as per BS 4449 or BS 8666 by using AutoCAD Software/CADS RC Detailing Software.