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National Aluminum-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division is a hi-tech architectural glass products processing factory committed to quality, service and innovation. By employing the latest state-of-the-art technology the factory produces high performance insulating glass units, toughened safety glass and processed glass products. Established in 2008 to serve the demand in United Arab Emirates and GCC, factory has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

Attention to detail is prevalent through out the company from manufacturing with computerized and automated technology to ensuring that all products meet the requirements of accredited quality systems including BS 5713, ISO 9002 and EN 1279. Innovation is the driving force of Lootah industries National Aluminum-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division.

In the short period since its establishment, Lootah industries National Aluminum-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division has already partnered with some of the most prestigious projects currently being developed in U.A.E, to meet all their architectural glass requirements.



Lootah industries National Aluminum-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division Located at Ajman New Industrial Area and employees highly trained staff and manufacturers its comprehensive product range in-house to ensure quality standards are maintained through out the manufacturing process.

This production facility manufactures a range of flat glass products including standard and high performance insulated glass units, spandrel panels, tempered laminated safety glass for balustrades, canopies, balconies, glass doors, shop fronts, decorative wall claddings and glass furniture to name a few. Materials being used by the factory are sourced both locally and from internationally.

Lootah Industries has invested in a modern fleet of various sized vehicles to ensure all customer requirements, large or small, are delivered safely and when required. A complete glass processing service is now available that includes polished edges, beveling, and drill hole, cut outs etc.



Each stage of the work-in progress is inspected by a quality control personnel to ensure that the finished products meets the strict quality criteria said by the company. Significant investments have also been made into the factories computer software and operating systems to ensure efficient optimization of customer orders to facilitate competitive pricing. Additionally, a responsive approach is taken towards customer enquiries/ orders ensuring quick turn around when ever possible.



Online ordering will also be shortly made available for customers who prefer this medium and order confirmation will be guaranteed through automatic fax back.



Lootah industries National Aluminium-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division is able to supply Glass products ranging from 2mm to 25mm thickness. A wide range of glass types are available that include;
• Clear float
• Low-E glass (hard & soft coats)
• Toughened glass
• Fire rated glass
• Tinted glass 
• Mirrors
• Solar reflective
• Ceramic fritt
• Accoustic glasses etc.
Insulating Glass Units are available in a wide range of thickness, either in conventional Aluminum bar of warm edge technology super spacer bar.


• Low Emissivity, Noise reduction, Acoustic glass units
Lootah K-Plus is the brand name for Lootah industries National Aluminum-Double Glazing and Glass Tempering Division high specification range of low emissivity insulating glass units that incorporate warm edge space bar for improved insulation. The Lootah K-Plus market leading range of high performance IGU’s are now the product of choice of leading real estate developers, home owners, architects and specifies. All Lootah K-Plus insulating glass units are manufactured and tested to the relevant industry quality and safety accreditations including BS5713, ISO9001 & EN 1279. The high quality Manufacture and specification of Lootah K-Plus units enables us to guarantee the units against defect for 10 years thus ensuring our customers benefit from a long life guarantee.
• Low emissivity insulating glass
• Noise reduction Accoustic glass units.
• 10 year guarantee
Lootah Partition Glass Fully demountable glass partitioning system

Lootah Partition Glass Fully demountable glass partitioning system

• Select partition glass is a non-load bearing, fully demountable glass partitioning system which was low profile tracking with toughened glass from finished floor to ceiling which is intended for use within normal office environments. The glass is manufactured to BS 6206 and Aluminium to BS 1474.
• Select partition glass can be used in partitions constructed in smooth lines or curved forms with a practically seamless finish. Glass doors may be incorporated.
• Fully demountable
• Low profile tracing
• Toughened glass
• Curved Tempered Glass
Lootah Enviroglass Low maintenance self cleaning glass

Lootah Enviroglass Low maintenance self cleaning glass

Lootah Enviroglass is the innovative new environmentally glazing concept specifically for low maintenance. Available exclusively to Customers of Lootah Glass Industries, Lootah Enviroglass has been designed to perform in all climates and conditions whilst protecting the environment from harmful CO emissions and reducing energy costs at the same time.

The unique Enviroglass TM range, which is now available in either 1.1 or 1.56 u value options, significantly helps to keep buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offers an additional host of unique features including improved sound insulation, self cleaning, solar control and low maintenance.

High Specification + Low Maintenance = Increased value

• Keeps buildings cool in summer and warm in the winter.
• Available in either 1.1 or 1.5 u
• Improved sound insulation
• Self cleaning
• Solar control
• Low maintenance
Lootah kolarglass Color coated and tempered glass panels

Lootah kolarglass Color coated and tempered glass panels

New from Lootah Industries National Aluminum Double Glazing And Tempering Division, this extensive range of color coated glass panels has been developed for use in various installations including:
• Spandrel Panels,
• Wall Cladding,
• Kitchen Splash-backs,
• Showers
• Furniture etc
total surface covering ensures homogenous opacity. Lootah colorless glass panels can be shaped edge worked, processed and drilled prior to tempering and is available in thicknesses from 4mm to 19mm. lootah Colorless is produced in eight standard colors. A wider range of colours is available up on request up on submission of BS, RAL or Dulix colour codes. British standard references relate to BS4904:1978 ‘Specification for external cladding colours for building purposes’
• Colour Coated
• Tempered
• Curved Tempered Glass up to 19mm
• Available in thickness from 4mm to 19mm


• Glass cutting
• Erasing and washing line for heat-treated glass
• Straight line edging machine
• Beveling machine
• CNC machining centre
• Drilling machine
• Cross belt erasing machine
• Thermally treated glass
• Fully tempered Glass
• Heat strengthened glass
• Lead work/ Lead work Bevel Production line
• IGU production line